TRex steganography - Bugs page


TRex is still under heavy development (and maybe always will be...). Yes, there are bugs in TRex. The following bugs are currently known and may or may not be fixed by me.

If you find any additional bugs, please mail them to me. If you fix any bugs, submission of patches are welcome.

  • "Amplification" in the differential picture, defaulting to 255, sometimes is ignored after the program is started. Moving the slider left a little and then to the right again will correct this.
  • Differential picture sometimes is not compeletely calculated, i.e.: open 5 TRex instances, load the same data and the same uncrypted img - you possibly get different differential pictures.
    The error seems to occur in the PixelGrabber functions; can't do anything about it (at least, data returned by PixelGrabber.grabPixels() is different... I do not think that is correct, altough data from imgIcon.getImage() maybe wrong already).
    To solve this, tune the amplification scroller left and right a little; the differential picture might change.
  • The FFT algorithm does nothing.
  • "Zoom" and "Amplification" changes in the differential picture panel are slow. These are java problems and I will not try to do something about this.